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Loving Vicki’s Pots: My Coffee Cups

Three past-favorite coffee mugs hiding from the hammer

I love Vicki’s pottery, with special affection for the functional pots here in the household: plates and bowls, cups and mugs, and other utilitarian vessels.

Occasionally, Vicki offers me a new coffee mug to have as my favorite.  The problem is her desire to take away the old one and, as she says, “put a hammer to it.” 

The cups in one part of my monstrous clutter, 2008-12-26So far, I have managed to tuck-away some of my previous favorites where I can still enjoy looking at them even though they are no longer daily favorites.

That must change.  I am simplifying and re-organizing my home-office work space for improved productivity without the mess.  All the accumulated bric-a-brac is going to disappear.  Vicki’s study is already better-organized, and she is disciplined about organization at her studio as well. 

Before the cups go, I will preserve them with better photographs than this as a way to improve my photography of Vicki’s work.  

In thinking about categories for this blog, I asked Vicki for what terms help distinguish between pottery, the artifacts, from pottery, the activity of making those artifacts.  Vicki reminded me that it is more confusing than that, since “a pottery” is also the term for a place where potters do their work.  The term for the work of potters is “making,” including throwing, trimming, glazing, and firing.  That will be the category here.

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Welcoming Vicki

Victoria Hamilton of Millennia Antica Pottery (click for larger image)

This blog is all about Vicki’s work.  To start out, we selected a photograph to include in her Blogger profile. 

This is the selection.  It was taken on October 25, 2008 with a Nikon D80 and slight flash fill using a dialed-back SB-600.  The backlighting is daylight.  The image is cropped out of a larger group photo, with additional digital processing and conversion using Nikon Capture NX 2. 

The photo is being uploaded at this time for confirmation that uploading is set up correctly.

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