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This is the web diary for Millennia Antica Pottery, the vocation of potter Victoria Hamilton.

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Looking for a break!

The year 2008 is rapidly coming to a close.  It’s been an amazing year in many respects.  The country (and world) that we know has started to fall down around our ears economically – maybe not so amazing when you think about it.  We elected the first African American as President of the United States – amazing, ground-breaking!

I reference these events because they are enormous.  They ARE the grand scale of things.

On a much smaller scale, I’m wondering how long some of us can hold on as an artists and a potters. 

It’s true, I don’t make things that people need.  I do, however, make things that enrich the lives of those people who feel they must have them. 

When it’s time for breakfast which lovely, hand-thrown mug will you choose from your cupboard today?  Whose marvelous platter will hold the French toast you will make?

When someone purchases one of my pieces, I want for them to have something unique and beautiful; not only do they receive a personally signed thank-you note and probably a happy conversation with me; they get a part of me – a part of my heart and a part of whatever it is in me that I put into my work.

I watched people at our last sale as they carefully considered their choices of what to buy.  Some of them walked through all the displays many times before they chose.  Of course this is part of making a purchase of this nature, and at this time especially important.  If one is spending money on something one does not “need,” careful consideration is truly in order.

So, I think we are all looking forward to 2009 with great anticipation and lots of possibility.  I know I am!

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