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Oh, Pardon My Dust: Repainting the Office Door

There are still a number of steps needed to clean up this blog template and have it stitched into Millennia Antica the way we want. 

Meanwhile, I finally noticed that I called it The Kiln Sitter’s Digest when I first created this blog for Vicki.  It is not a digest at all, but a diary.  So this post inaugurates the correction to the name.  Not a big deal, but something to account for. 

There are other irregularities around using tags and categories, but we’ll smooth that out with experience.   The template is also not polished yet, with placeholders that need to be rearranged.

The biggest missing is regular appearance of photographs.  Watch for that to change as we move into Spring 2009.




Welcoming Vicki

Victoria Hamilton of Millennia Antica Pottery (click for larger image)

This blog is all about Vicki’s work.  To start out, we selected a photograph to include in her Blogger profile. 

This is the selection.  It was taken on October 25, 2008 with a Nikon D80 and slight flash fill using a dialed-back SB-600.  The backlighting is daylight.  The image is cropped out of a larger group photo, with additional digital processing and conversion using Nikon Capture NX 2. 

The photo is being uploaded at this time for confirmation that uploading is set up correctly.

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Finishing the Scaffolding

OK, this is the last of the scaffolding.  I am confirming that Windows Live Writer is posting to the blog.

That’s all that’s happening at this point.

Next, the page can be customized to be more appropriate to Millennia Antica.  Along the way, we will also set up for posting of images as part of these web log pages.



Please Ignore the Hammering Sounds

This is the initial post and notice for Millennia Antica: Kiln Sitter's Digest. I have nothing to add at this point. This is the first-post test to make sure that the blog is appearing. After that problem is solved, construction starts in earnest. So far, there is a minimum setup and a standard page format. The setup and the format will both be enhanced once this baby step is accomplished. Oh, and this is orcmid. I'm the technician, scrivener, and Boswell for this blog's star, potter Victoria Hamilton. She'll be along once everything is nice enough. It's one of her Christmas presents today.


Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating Millennia Antica.

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