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Empty Bowls….

This will be year 4 of the Moshier Art Center Annual Empty Bowls fundraising dinner/event.  With a lot of assistance from Moshier potters and a few folks outside Moshier, we have managed to produce over 1100 bowls.  I am amazed.

This event is organized in concert with the Highline Food Bank and every dollar taken in goes directly to the food bank.  The minimum donation is $10.00.

Last year, we figured that the 550 bowls we produced would be sufficient.  662 people showed up.  We ran out of bowls and we ran out of soup!  Some folks gave their bowls back so that others would have something from which to choose.

This year (well, beginning in February 2008) we knew we’d need to have many more bowls and began to question whether or not we’d be able to hold the event at the art center.  Our fearless leader declared that we’d have 1000 bowls for the 2009 event.  Some of us chuckled, and some of us got busy.

So, this year it was decided to have a lunch seating in addition to the dinner seating.  Perhaps this would work to avoid some of the crowding (and folks standing around eating soup).

We are now set up with 75 gallons of soup donated by local restaurants, over 1000 freshly baked rolls, over 1000 freshly baked cookies, coffee donated by Cafe Vita, and other drinks.

Last year volunteers from the Highline Food Bank were in tears over the $4100 they were to receive as a result of the amazing generosity of the Burien community and the surrounding areas. 

This is all happening tomorrow (January 30) and I cannot wait to listen to the conversations, and find out the results.  Welcome to human being!

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