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Possible ways to look at cups…

A few days ago, I viewed a video about cups.  A cup is a cup, right?  No big deal.  A cup holds liquid and we drink from it.  Well, I watched this video of a talk by Pete Pinnell (one of my personal/ pottery heroes) on cups!  It is fascinating.  I recommend it.

He speaks about what is invoked when a cup is held.  How a cup is held could easily be categorized in a gender way…or not.  What are all the elements of a cup of which we, as consumers, may not be aware?  What do we look for?  How many fingers must we be able to fit around the handle?  What will we drink from it?  Is it comfortable enough to hold on to it while we consume the entire contents, or must we set it down between sips – lovely though it may be, is it not comfortable enough to hold on to for the duration?  Perhaps that lack of comfort may promote something else.  Maybe, instead of drinking all the coffee (or tea) without noticing and then all of a sudden, it’s gone, I’d be present to that I’m drinking, and what I’m drinking.  Hmmm.

After many episodes of “I’m done with cups…not making them anymore.  They’re so pedestrian,” perhaps there is more to the cup than I’d ever imagined.

Thanks for listening.

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