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Happy New Year!!

Yup, it’s January 1, 2009.  Nineteen days until one of the biggest events of recent history!

And in my corner of the planet, conversations about new strategies are happening.  This morning (actually it was around 1:30 this afternoon) at brunch, Dennis (my sweetie) and I had a conversation about how I might market my work more successfully.  No question….my work is lovely according to folks who admire it.  I’ve heard these words with my own ears:  “Ooooh, I love Vicki stuff!”

I have a friend who is also one of my studio mates.  Her strategy involves not only the kind of work she does, but a way of pricing it that seems to work well.  I’ve been reluctant to follow her lead…..well, really I’ve just not wanted to “do it her way” and it has probably cost me some percentage of sales.  Brought me up short?  You bet!

I realize I’ve become quite arrogant about the kind of pots I’m willing to make and the colors I’m willing (or not willing) to use.  The arrogance comes into play when I make my work real and the work of others less than real.  Time to give that up and watch and listen to what’s not working for me and what’s working for others that I might try.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year!! 

Happy New Year, Vicki (and Dennis)!

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