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Some days are more interesting than others….

There are 2 things I do nearly every morning.  First, I page to the current day in a book I have called “Wisdom, 365 Thoughts from Indian Masters.”  The closeup photograph to the right of the “thought” is of a potter in India throwing a small vessel from clay.  The “thought” by Swami Vivekananda reads “Brahman is like the clay of substance out of which an infinite variety of articles are fashioned.  As clay, they are all one, but form or manifestation differentiates them.  Before every one of them was made, they all existed potentially in clay, and of course, they are identical substantially; but when formed, and so long as the form remains, they are separate and different.”

Second, I boot up my computer and check out the Hindu Monastery website to find out what happened there the previous day. (Some of you know that my youngest son is a Hindu monk and lives at a monastery on Kauai.)  I did that today and below is the photograph that appeared – a master potter with his apprentices.  Amazing!


Ancient master potter with apprentices

If you are interested, you can click on the link above to read the text that accompanied this photograph.

What does it all mean?  Perhaps it is confirmation that being a potter and teaching others who want to learn is something that is valued in the world.  It’s all really about life anyway, isn’t it? 

You’re going to get up in the morning, so it might as well be a great day!

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