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This is the web diary for Millennia Antica Pottery, the vocation of potter Victoria Hamilton.

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Well, how about the weather?

So, it’s been over a week since I’ve been in the studio.  Why, you might ask, is that so?  Snow, is why it’s so.  So much and so cold that I can get the car out of the garage, but I cannot get it turned around and progressing UP the hill!.

So much for that nonsense (well there’ll be more later, I’m sure).

It’s the 26th of December 2008.  All my pottery commitments but one are complete for the year.  The one that’s incomplete has to do with my friend Joseph, who has requested a “leaky cauldron” mug that he’d like to send to a friend who has written extensively about the Harry Potter phenomenon.  I made 4 of them so he’d have something from which to choose.  I figured he could send one and keep the rest for himself.  This means a lot to him, and to me.  It’s my intention to come through for him.  In my last communication to him I let him know that they were drying and waiting for the first firing.  What’s needed now is for them to be bisque fired so I can glaze them.  What’s in the way is that I still cannot get the car moving.  The bus is running, I think, and a friend of mine may be coming to give me a ride tomorrow.  Onward!  

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