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Shino Teapot

Dimensions:  10"h x 8" w

  Price:  $75.00 

This teapot is a combination of thrown and hand-built construction and is made from stoneware clay. 

The body of the teapot is thrown on a potter's wheel.  It is textured and left to set up in preparation for adding the spout and handle.

The opening in the pot is measured so that a lid can be made to fit.  The lid is thrown on the wheel as well.  A small coil of clay is attached to the top of the lid to form the knob.

The handle is pulled beginning with a large, fairly stiff coil. Using water to lubricate the coil and my hand, the coil is pulled - coaxed longer and longer. It is then draped over a round form to begin setting it's curve.

The spout is cut from a thin clay slab and wrapped into a funnel shape.  It is then set on the pot to determine it's exact location, which is marked on the pot.  A strainer is then made on  the pot by drilling small holes where the spout is to be located.  The spout is then attached to the pot. 

When the handle has set up sufficiently, and the curve is set, it is attached in two places on the pot above the spout and directly opposite the spout.  The lid is then set it.

The pot is left to dry completely and then it is bisque fired.  This firing leaves the piece durable enough to handle and porous enough to accept a glaze. 

Orange shino glaze was applied by pouring it into the pot and then pouring it out.  Then the pot was dipped into the same glaze to cover the outside.

The piece is then fired to 2400 degrees F in a propane-fired kiln.  The firing removes oxygen from the minerals in the clay and glaze, resulting in the rich colors that you see.

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