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Shino Pentagonal Bowl

Dimensions:  5"h x 9" w


This bowl was thrown with high-fire stoneware on a potter's wheel. 

When the clay is set up enough, the 5 sides are created by paddling, or flattening with a board.  The 5 sides are then carved and the piece is turned upside down on the wheel for trimming, which removes excess clay and creates the foot ring on the bottom.

The pot is left to dry completely and then it is bisque fired.  This firing leaves the piece durable enough to handle and porous enough to accept a glaze. 

Orange shino glaze was applied by dipping the bowl into the glaze while holding on to it at one corner.  When the glaze has dried and can be handled, the remaining corner is dipped into the glaze.  This creates a small and attractive glaze overlap.

The piece is then fired to 2400 degrees F in a propane-fired kiln.  The firing removes oxygen from the minerals in the clay and glaze, resulting in the rich colors that you see.

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