Millennia Antica

What's an Orcmid?


2003-08-10 -11:59 -0700

is a pseudonym (or "nom de bit" or "pseudonimo della Rete") of Dennis E. Hamilton, NuovoDoc System Architect.  

Dennis is the web master of the Millennia Antica site. is part of, a development and demonstration site for NuovoDoc collaborative projects.  These sites all contribute to exploration of ideas about system coherence and the confirmable experience offered by trustworthy systems.  

With Millennia Antica, Dennis also has the joy of using his creative expression as a contribution to Vicki's vocation and the life they are fulfilling together:

Dennis and Vicki Hamilton
Who we are is the possibility of
loving sanctuary
passionate romantic adventure
powerful family partnership
people living their dreams
That's who we are.
Current Contact Information:


But Why Orcmid?

That is a much longer story and you'll have to do some work to find out. 

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