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construction.htm pages provide construction logs for the project folders in which they occur.   They are normally located through the banner Hard Hat image of the index.htm pages for the same folder.  

At the root level of any subweb, such as , there is a /construction folder that is reached from the construction log of the root level and of each child folder.  

/construction honors the construction structure of the site, it also having a construction log: this one.  This construction.htm page links to the anchor-site's /construction section, and it is the only subweb page that does so.

Change History

2003-03-28-22:35 Use Include-File Construction Structure (orcmid)
Use the include structures and also specify HTML 4.01 with appropriate header information.
2002-10-13-08:41 Reduce to Minimal Cloaking Accommodation (orcmid)
In updating, I came up with a simpler, minimal principle for cloaking that I am now applying to this site:
1. All root global links are set with target=_top and an absolute href is employed.  This means that any currently-applicable cloaking will be dropped and the true or new cloaking for the destination, if any, will operate.
2. All absolute links to interiors of companion sites that are likely to be cloaked (i.e., any of the sites) are followed using the cloaking of the linking site.   That is, the navigation appears to be an extended access under the current cloaking.  The use of such navigations will be carefully reviewed, but they have a nice integrative quality for the most part.  This practice reduces the "sticking" of a subordinate page's URL as a new cloak.  That can still happen, but it won't occur on paths followed from the entrance page of the cloak.
3. All relative links are left in page default mode, which means that nothing is done about framing and any cloak is preserved.  The one exception is any global relative link.  That link is always uncloaked with target=_top and a physical location will presumably result.
4. We rely on the targets to deal with anything further.  
5. This minimal approach has a simple consistency.  It works for entries to sites at their home pages.  It does not work for wanting to bookmark particular pages or sections, and it does restore cloaking if someone comes in with an old "physical" bookmark.  The creation of logical bookmarks remains an open problem.
6. There are places where we use more diverse approaches.  These are generally in the construction material where it may be valuable to distinguish between the "physical" site image being navigated and the "logical/primary" site with the official (cloaked and forwarded) domain name.  An example of this is done on the orcmid.htm page where there is annotation of where the visitor is and what is being seen.
2002-10-12-14:09 Accommodate Cloaking (orcmid)
With cloaking of over the anchor site, there are accommodations that must be made to deal with the potential framing introduced by the cloaking service.
1. The link up to the anchor site on this page is modified to remain relative but to force target=_top.
2. Links internal to the site that are intended to provide the book-marked page structure are made into absolute links with target=_top so that a new cloaking with the full logical address will be initiated.
2002-08-02-13:57 Review Construction Approach and Organization (orcmid)
1. The Activities section is tuned.
2. More style preferences are determined, including having color consistency with links and background hues.  Links are to be the same brown color as the main text.  The background hue, whether or not the paper-texture is used, is lightened to R:255, G:242, B:230.  
3. This construction section will contain details on the construction and maintenance of, including information on photographs, images, and related items that relate to confirmable experience specifically for this site.
4. The front door needs to be modified so that there are direct avenues to the different sections of the site.  This may be by a menu or by a split image with different links.   I am considering the second as preferable at the moment, but may have to learn how to do a client-side image map.
2002-07-30-23:30 Add Activities Section (orcmid
The Activities section of is copied here, pruned, and then customized to provide calendar and schedule information for Millennia Antica.
2002-02-03-08:17 Notes on Confirmable Experience and Future Changes (orcmid)
Vicki and I are looking at what the entrance structure would be like as more material is added.
1. Confirmable experiences.  There is an opportunity to use materials here as part of the confirmable experience of web site construction, especially around managing the appearance and presentation of the site, using images, and eventually adding photographs.
2. Vicki has told me the history of the Lidded Pot that is featured in her logo.  There is an actual pot and there is a story to tell about it.  This also fits nicely into a confirmable experience.
3. The entrance will be modified so that the pot image at the entrance leads to pictures and a portfolio of Vicki's work.
4. The entrance will be modified so that the name part of the "sign" leads to Vicki's statement of who she is and what Millennia Antica is about.
5. The top of the entrance "sign" will lead to the studio and business information.
6. There will be some cross-linking here.
7. There are materials to add in the construction section on how parts of the site are developed and how that ties into confirmable experiences.
2002-01-08-14:39 Propagate Millennia Antica theme to all sections (orcmid)
1. The typography, coloring, and background paper texture is propagated to all sections of the site in accordance with the corresponding pages at the root of the site.
2001-12-29-21:04 Create Millennia Antica /construction section (orcmid)
1. The folder contents are cloned from the nfoCentrale anchor-site counterparts.
2. The correct logo and title block links and text are created.
3. Only Construction Structure is put in at first, so that a simple place-holder can be published quickly on the bCentral host site.
4. When this is published to the site, the first test is to establish an alias that enters directly at the root for Millennia Antica rather than for the anchor site.
5. The next item to confirm is whether relative links up to the anchor site can be used, or whether there must be some other approach.  (The Hard Hat logo on this page has the only such link.)

Hard Hat Area (anchor) You are navigating this Millennia Antica construction structure

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