Millennia Antica Pottery

Big Creek Pottery
1983 Workshop


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The Workshop


Big Creek Pottery, July 1983
1983 Workshop Participants [click for larger (690kb) image)
  • Betsy Parks, Dorothy Wissmar, Wynne Noble, Rick Sherman
  • Susan Brody, Jim Gremel, Lee Luria, Ces Hamilton, Dick Lumaghi
  • Lee Smith, Donna Lee, Jean Edwards, Warren MacKenzie, Karen Truesdale, Joe Amaral
  • Mark Sanchez, Fred Paynter, Vicki Whitten (Hamilton), Barbara Frey, Becky Maddalena
  • Cynthia Peck, Graham Stevens
  • Max the studio dog

Not pictured: Paul Bennett and Mary Jane Littleton from Murray, Kentucky--she cooked for us

The First Lidded Jar

Thematic Jar, Plates, and Teapots [click for larger (477kb) image]

Also submitted for critique was Vicki's Creation, a pinched pot.

"Japanese Lantern" greenware [click for larger (510 kB) image]

Vicki's Pinched-Pot Creation

Pinched Pots and pitchers ready for review [click for larger (776 kb) image] Along with the lidded pot, there was introduction of an allied pinched-pot theme, "Vicki's Creation."

Wherever lidded pots arise, pinched pots are not far behind.

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